Why I loved Depok’s Traffic

I’ve grown up in Depok since I was 4 years old, and learn to ride bicycle since 24 years ago. Back then, the traffic around depok is still rarely, I could play bicycle with my brother to highway street called Akses UI, and it’s still safe for 10 years old boys to crossing streets alone, because the number of vehicle is still infrequent. :-))

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There always a first time for everything

It’s been a long time since i want to make an English post in my blog. But I’m still afraid because of my bad English language, and i have no idea about what will I wrote in here. But after i looked and read in my brother’s blog, I found that I must write about anything and everything. Just like my other post, but this time write it in English (rock)After all, sooner or later I must make my paper and journal in English, so I supposed there’s nothing wrong if I started here, make a writing and typing just to learn how to string up word to be a post. Maybe someday, if i could travel abroad  and stay for a while in other countries, I have no difficulties in communication with others, just like my Brother. (banana_cool) One thing for sure, I don’t wanna make mistake when ordering a food (hungry) not like last time when I’m abroad  (annoyed)
In this first post, I just want to apologize if there’s any miss type, wrong structure, and other mistake in my other post later, because I’m only a beginner and still need more lesson from You.