Life is You

Well as far as I know, I already live in this world for over 32 years now, and during that time I thought that no one could be understand what i am and who am I, and I doubt that no one could change my life so drastically B-) but it all change when the fire nations attacks (woot) wait (thinking) that’s avatar aang (doh)


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Behavior on the road

As the urban people lived in big city, although i lived on suburbs, spent my days over four hours on the street, with all the traffic and all the people involving inside it. I can tell that there are many behavior of people on the road, from kindly behavior until jerking behavior and from good rider to reckless driver is all on the road.

car fight

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Play at D’kandang Farm

Have you ever play on a farm or orchard? Or maybe is there any farm near your town? I’m not saying about playing farm games or online in Facebook games (tongue) . but in real life farm, with real cows, goat, sheep or picking fruits straight from the tree. Last week on February 19th, deBlogger on their monthly program called #kado have that chance to visit D’Kandang Farm (dance)


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Rainbow Troops and Wet Troops

Last Friday, deBlogger had an invitation to watch Rainbow Troops A.K.A Laskar Pelangi Musical Highlights or lets say it MLP in Ramashita Hall, World Fantasy (Dufan) Jakarta, the show will begin from December 24, 2011 until January 7, 2012.
This Show already perform several times in Jakarta or in Singapore, but the ticket is so expensive so the producer take a cooperation with Dufan Management. Now people can play games on dufan and enjoy the show without buy another ticket
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This Christmas

First post I made on Christmas day (rock) Merry Christmas Everyone. Hope this Christmas bring You Joy and happiness (worship)

Like the year before, my family made an open house, all of my relatives, neighbor and everyone are welcome to join. They made my house full of food (hungry)
Merry Christmas
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A day with TransJakarta

I think many of Jakarta’s people have already know about TransJakarta bus and maybe have tried to using it as an alternative transportation, or even using it ad daily transportation, Well, I’m rare using it, usually I ride my bike or driving. But now I just want to share my story a few days ago when using Transjakarta Transportation Bus to buy some office materials in Atrium Senen. :-))

Bus TransjakartaSource : wikipedia

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let’s be childish

Do you ever feel want to do something childish? Like scream or cry, singing out loud or even doing something stupid? Every person must have a childish, and it is not a shameful thing. sometimes we need to bring out our childish to scream out loud or laugh it so every emotions and tension will released in yourself.

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