Why I loved Depok’s Traffic

I’ve grown up in Depok since I was 4 years old, and learn to ride bicycle since 24 years ago. Back then, the traffic around depok is still rarely, I could play bicycle with my brother to highway street called Akses UI, and it’s still safe for 10 years old boys to crossing streets alone, because the number of vehicle is still infrequent. :-))

Nowadays for me across street to highway is very difficult task, no one wants somebody else cut their way, so they horn and not letting someone else take their lane. Specially whom who ride motor cycle and public transportation called angkot. They often not care about other highway user, pedestrian, and bicycle rider. They ride on sidewalk and horn if their lane is blocked by a pedestrian (nottalking)

But, every single moment in street make me feel loving more about depok’s traffic, for example, I can come late to work and blame the unpredictable traffic (devil) hehe just kidding (tongue)

The truth is, I can learn how to control my emotion, because everyday in traffic make people easy to get angry, so lets say this is a free anger management program (lol)

Second one, some times a mass traffic jam make me stuck in one place, like in Margonda street, for hours, that moment I can look around every spot that I can’t watch if the traffic is normal 😀

Next one, if I’m not want to get traffic jam, I must learn alternative way to avoid the main street, so indirectly i could explore much more place than before 😛

Last one if this traffic is getting worse, and its really-really stuck so no one can’t move anymore, that’s the time I’ll starts make sports walking to every place, it’s a free diet program (lmao)

4 thoughts on “Why I loved Depok’s Traffic

  1. seems like everything must come down to diet, eyy 🙂
    nice posting, bro. keep writing in english. we may not be perfect, but our continuous effort will shape up our skills. you will see the improvement soon if you keep doing like this

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