Play at D’kandang Farm

Have you ever play on a farm or orchard? Or maybe is there any farm near your town? I’m not saying about playing farm games or online in Facebook games (tongue) . but in real life farm, with real cows, goat, sheep or picking fruits straight from the tree. Last week on February 19th, deBlogger on their monthly program called #kado have that chance to visit D’Kandang Farm (dance)


Here we  are welcomed by Syarif Fuqon, one of deBlogger’s member and as the Chief of D’Kandang Farm, he explained how to take care all of the animals, how to know each of cows and how the right way to feed those animals. He share his experience when handle a pregnant cow, or when handle a goat that doesn’t want to eat (woot)


Syarif in action

After short explanation, we invited to take a tour around the farm, first we go to cowshed, and after that we go to sheep goat pen, we played with one week years old sheep and feed them with milk, beside that cage there are etawah goat, its a goat from india that breed for milk and meat. (hassle)IMG_2098

Playing with cows


Feeding sheep


another sheep


etawah goat

On the back of those cage, the are orchard fruits, syarif told we could take ripe fruit for us to take home, some of the fruits we make rujak or fruit salad (dance) , and he also give us cold pasteurization milk its so yummy, that I spent four packs (mmm)


Yeayy got the fruits


hmm.. fruit salad 

Thanks for syarif’s hospitality (worship) who gave us chance to visit his farm and give all the food for us (hungry) , and made we all know a little bit about how life in farm is. see you next time goat and cow (bye)

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