Happy birthday deBlogger

For who doesn’t know about deBlogger, it’s a blogger community in depok, a crowded town in south Jakarta’s border. And everyone who has a connection with Depok can join and be a member after follow an off air meeting with deBlogger’s members. B-)


On this 31st May, deBlogger has been a year old and for this first birthday deBlogger has many series of events held , its begin with deBlogger community gathering at Universitas Indonesia Lake 5th May, and tour Depok on 29 May continued with top event miladeBlogger at Citi Hall Auditorium Depok. (banana_rock)
The Tour Depok, we visited Masjid Kubah Emas and Kampung 99. In Kampung 99 we plays many games, like give sheep feeding, fleece, planting trees and other games with nature. And in the night we held talk show, and twitter contest announcement in today events. not mentioned many doorprice on this event from our sponsor (yahoo)
As a one year old community, deBlogger hasn’t been known well, but we tried to make connections with other blogger from every city, and for this event, there are representation from other blogger came to our anniversary, thanks to blogger Magelang, Bekasi, Bengawan, Cikarang, Garut, Malang, Bogor, Sikodok, Blogfam, matasinema and other private blogger that can’t be mentioned here. I really appreciate for all your support so this miladeBlogger held with success (worship)

Once again, Happy birthday deBlogger.. (hungry)

13 thoughts on “Happy birthday deBlogger

  1. Congratulation for the first milad.. Hope deBlogger can grow bigger and not to forget stay healthy..
    Love you guys.. mmmuuuuaaaahhhh…. (girlkiss)

  2. selamat hari lahir deBlogger,tambah usia tambah sukses dan tambah subur seperti orang yang punya blog ini… (party)

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