How much your trash everyday?

A couple of weeks ago, my Mom bought me a trash can and She said to put it in my car. I thought its wasting money, what the use a trash can inside my car, i thought my car is already clean enough without any trash around and it only limiting space inside it. (ninja)

But, as a good son (blush) , i put that trash can behind my seat and continue driving like usual, during that time every trash i have i threw in to this trash can, like parking ticket, highway ticket, mineral water bottle, tissue, and after two week its already full (woot) , whereas i only using this car 3 times a week


So, i finally aware that everyday i made huge trash and all this time i only threw it away from my window (lonely) , but from now i will always have my trash gathered and threw in the right place (gym) . how about you?

10 thoughts on “How much your trash everyday?

  1. Ya udah selayaknya sih sadar secara badan lo gede, masukannya juga gede, yaa yang keluar juga banyak lha =)

    Eh itu kagak repetisi ye gunain “trash can” berkali-kali, kenapa gak diganti “it” aja hihi

  2. Wah, ternyata Aris itu anak mama ya (evilsmirk)

    Berarti sebelum ini mobil ente penuh dengan sampah yang bertebaran dong (haha)

    *kabur ke bioskop*

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