Happy birthday deBlogger

deBlogger is a blogger community based on an area in Depok, west java. They launched at 31st May 2009 on Margo City Mall Depok.. I joined this community later and became their mailing list admin. I meet many wonderful friends and many story with them (cozy)

deblogger o

For few month I’ve have joined, i found out there’s a lot of deBlogger’s activity, like blogging competition, community gathering, miladeBlogger, visiting nursing home, karaoke, food culinary and many more. But past year, i found that deBlogger is like missing direction, their activity is like suddenly stopped and disappear (lonely)

Today is their second anniversary, so lets say it loud :

Happy Birthday deBlogger


Hope in the future they could be more further embrace depok’s bloggers and became the center of citizen journalism, more developed, but not as large as their big chief (doh) . Just became a comfortable place for hang out, exchange ideas (worship) and eat together (hungry)

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