A day with TransJakarta

I think many of Jakarta’s people have already know about TransJakarta bus and maybe have tried to using it as an alternative transportation, or even using it ad daily transportation, Well, I’m rare using it, usually I ride my bike or driving. But now I just want to share my story a few days ago when using Transjakarta Transportation Bus to buy some office materials in Atrium Senen. :-))

Bus TransjakartaSource : wikipedia

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let’s be childish

Do you ever feel want to do something childish? Like scream or cry, singing out loud or even doing something stupid? Every person must have a childish, and it is not a shameful thing. sometimes we need to bring out our childish to scream out loud or laugh it so every emotions and tension will released in yourself.

image Picture source : http://blogizenk.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/humor-lucu-bayi-wc1.jpg?w=226&h=299

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