A day with TransJakarta

I think many of Jakarta’s people have already know about TransJakarta bus and maybe have tried to using it as an alternative transportation, or even using it ad daily transportation, Well, I’m rare using it, usually I ride my bike or driving. But now I just want to share my story a few days ago when using Transjakarta Transportation Bus to buy some office materials in Atrium Senen. :-))

Bus TransjakartaSource : wikipedia

Maybe my experiences is not worth to read because it is not on daily use but only once in a day so maybe it’s different on another day (haha) . Okay lets start, from Labschool Shelter about 11am, I take the bus from pulogadung to Dukuh atas, the bus is still new and the passenger is not much, so I can take a seat enjoy the bus (dance) , after that, i transit at Pramuka shelter to change bus which have route to kp. melayu – ancol, when in transit shelter, there are many people have waiting for the bus, the people is getting crowded until about half hour waiting then the bus arrives, but there such many people have already inside the bus so only few can enter the bus and I’m waiting again on the third bus i finally could get in (annoyed)

On my way back to office, I could take the direction like i went before, but I think it it better to choose another route, then I take bus Pulogadung-harmoni and then pulogadung-dukuh atas again so i back to Labschool shelter again. I thought I must follow the bus until pulogadung and then change bus, but actually there are pulogadung-dukuh atas bus that take another route, so we could transfer at Bermis shelter (doh) , if i don’t asked before maybe I will wasting my time follow that bus until ended in pulogadung

So, after I travel with Transjakarta in one day, i could tell that if you rarely using this TransJakarta bus, you must asked allot and often to the officers so you could get the right bus and right track (LOL)

Here is TransJakarta Network Maps froms Wikipedia have a nice trip (bye)

TransJakarta Network

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  1. Belom pernah naik busway, jadi gak punya pengalaman 😀
    Tapi tipsnya oke nih, biar gak salah kaprah 😀
    Btw, komen pake bahasa Indo gini diterima gak ya?? 😀

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