Behavior on the road

As the urban people lived in big city, although i lived on suburbs, spent my days over four hours on the street, with all the traffic and all the people involving inside it. I can tell that there are many behavior of people on the road, from kindly behavior until jerking behavior and from good rider to reckless driver is all on the road.

car fight

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Sometimes when we have drive carefully, the others start to drive reckless and hit the car, is alright if they admitted their mistakes, but sometimes they only run away and never say apologize, or sometimes i meet a rider who told that my back door has not been closed properly, so i can tighten my door so my baggage don’t fall from the car. (worship)

Every person on street should be more polite and respect others, who might be they are the rescuer if something accident happened to us, because in the road, the first one who could help is the one near them, if we wait for the rescue team that will take some time, especially in this country.

No one wants to get injured, or having an accident, but if we drive in the road speeding and not obey any of street rules or make other road users misery, then the other will curse to us (angry), imagine on one kilometer there are hundreds of people who cursed us, what happened next we don’t know (doh)

So lets us respect others on roads so we could arrive at our destination safely (drinking)