Life is You

Well as far as I know, I already live in this world for over 32 years now, and during that time I thought that no one could be understand what i am and who am I, and I doubt that no one could change my life so drastically B-) but it all change when the fire nations attacks (woot) wait (thinking) that’s avatar aang (doh)


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Okay i never thought that I could marry  girl in my dream (yahoo) yes I have married for one year now, and she is so awesome (rock) , despite that some weird thing that she do (hassle) but she is my miracle the only one that could make me change drastically from my body to my way of thinking

little example how magically she is. I’m used to being alone everywhere, including sleeping (ninja) but now she’s sleeping with me (goodluck)  at begining we slept like usual like this picture


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I said to her that I sleep messy, head over heels and like crushing person, but then it becomes like this (tears)


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Strangely sleep beside her, I sleep like a wooden log, not moving at all at night (hassle) but i feel happy when i woke up, because i see her sleeping in my arm or her feet in my legs (lol)

Or the other thing when she cooked for me, she made fish fried and meatballs soup (hungry)  , because she is afraid of the cooking oils splatter then she is using her motorcycle helmet when she cooked (lmao) ,  and I remember when she forgot that she’s pregnant and she still running like she still a young girl (annoyed) but she always have  way to made me think beyond my thought and expand it.

Happy Anniversary Honey,  Just can’t wait to see what happen next in our live and our baby (cozy)


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