Donating Blood

Do you ever donating your blood? what its look like, some people said its so painful but others said its just like mosquito bite. if you asked me, this is my first time to donating my blood. and its so painful (cry) haha (haha)


its all started when Luvie melati posted in her blog about she donated her blood and in our conversation with Iman Sulaiman and Bradley Marlissa in Whatsapp messenger, the three of us are afraid to donate our blood, I’m afraid of needle, Iman and Brad just afraid, i forgot what they afraid of (ninja)

last Saturday on my church there’s some agenda for Christmas celebration event, one of it is free medication and blood donation. Well I really don’t want to get near that place, but because I’m one of this event committee, so I had to stay and busy around helping other team.

Suddenly there she come, that beautiful nurse came and hypnotized me (idiot) no that’s not the real one (goodluck) , when I see others donator are filling out the form and going inside the donating area, I think why I’m not participating? I passed all of the requirements and i guessed it’s time to fight my needle phobia (lmao) Cimanggis-20111217-00848

The process is very fast, the nurse test my blood type, haemoglobin levels and blood tension. After that, pretty nurse asked which arm to mounted the needle. I choose left arm, so my right hand could take some picture (lol) , all the process takes time about 25 minutes. No pain at all (dance)

Bye Bye Blood

Bye Bye Blood (bye)



Snack For Donator

So, if you are healthy why didn’t you donating your blood?

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